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our beginning

Spearheaded by an enthusiastic assistant superintendent, a willing director, and two teachers that didn't know any better, the CTC Inspire Robotics team was founded in the Spring of 2015. With help from other local teams and FIRST regional mentors, the team registered in the system as rookies with the Fort Osage School District as our home school. The team is housed and run at the The Career and Technology Center at Fort Osage, the CTC receives students from 5 high schools for 14 different programs. These schools include Fort Osage High School, Blue Springs High School, Blue Springs South High School, Grain Valley High School, and Oak Grove High School. The robotics team is open to any student that attends the CTC (11 & 12th) or Fort Osage High School (9-12th).

As we began our rookie season in the 2016 year we were very excited to participate in the Stronghold competition. The team was a small group of very persistent, intellectual, and determined students who were excited to compete in robotics competitions. This was a team made up of all first year FIRST members; everyone had little to no experience with being on a robotics team before. The team started with 20 members; 14 boys and 6 girls.

We still hold true to the spark of our first season - the team is excited to learn more about FIRST's mission. The students of the CTC Inspire team already value STEM skills and are eager to build self-confidence, communication and leadership skills.

first year awards

Highest Seed Rookie

Rookie All Star

first year roster

  • Mason O'Brien
  • Megan Elsloo
  • Amber Stewart
  • Alex Johnson
  • Lewis Chastain
  • Alex Hill
  • Nickoli Robinson
  • Eluid Lisboa
  • Sheridan Beckenbach
  • Orion Radford
  • Oghenbrorhie Ighoviywi
  • Artie Johnson
  • Gage Bergschneider
  • Jon Calvert
  • Doug McIntosh
  • Tim Barnett

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