In 2015/2016 CTC Inspire formed and competed in our first season. As this is our flagship robot a lot of time and creativity went into naming the bot. HAHA! The kids were trying really hard to name the robot "same" as was the current trend when indicating you agreed with someone. The coaches were not really in favor and kept trying to convince the students to name it something else. In an attempt to manipulate the coaches the students devised two tactics - come up with worse names and find out what "same" is in other languages. Tactic one was not successful. Tactic two produced "mismo", the Spanish adjective that means "same".

So please meet "Mismo" our Stronghold robot for the 2015/16 season. Mismo had a great year and the students learned quite a bit from Mismo. After our first season many of Mismo's parts had to be reused but the chassis/bumpers/arm of the bot are intact and will be available for viewing at the CTC.

CTC Insπre had an incredible 2nd year. We were on the winning alliance for the Greater Kansas City Regional. We ranked 3rd at the end of Qualifications in the North Star Regional in Minneapolis Minnesota, and finished 13th after qualifications in the Curie Division at World Championships in St. Louis this year. Not a bad showing for a 2nd year team.