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On February 1st, 2019 CTC Inspire's website moved to a new webhosting service. Please excuse the construction as we get the new site updated!


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The 2019 build season for "Deep Space" is in full swing. The build division is doing their best to build a competitive robot, despite mother nature's insistence to deliver ice every other day. 

We are looking forward to "reaching high" with some cargo and hatch panels and "pushing up" to get on that top habitat platform this year. 


The team hopes to see everyone at one of our local competitions this year!

Competition Dates:


On March 15 and 16th the team traveled to the Heartland Regional hosted at Olathe South High School to compete. During the 72 qualification matches the team was ranked #1 and finished in the 1st rank position. We were able to pick a good alliance to work with, but unfortunately the team was defeated in semi-finals. However, we did not go home empty handed. This was the first time our team was recognized with a technical award as we won the Innovation in Control Award sponsored by Rockwell Automation. This was due to the programming team and their use of some pretty awesome features to essentially help our robot do a push up while staying balanced.


On March 22nd and 23rd the team traveled to the Greater Kansas City Regional hosted at Rockhurst High School to compete again. The team fought hard for the #1 ranked spot and after the end of the 72 matches we finished in the 2nd rank position. We were able to pick another good alliance and the team brought home the Greater Kansas City Regional Winner Banner after defeating several powerhouse teams from the area. Additionally, the team was recognized with another technical award for our programming teams amazing skills. This time it was the Autonomous Award sponsored by Ford.

2019 -04-17

The team will depart for Houston TX on Tuesday 4/16th for FIRST Championships. The team is scheduled to compete on the Galileo Division.